Viking Cruise Ship Tracker, Live Tracking Map

Viking Cruise Ship Tracker, Live Tracking Map
  • Move your mouse or finger over the vessel for live data.
  • Click a ship for even more sailing details and real-time information.
  • Zoom in close enough and you’ll see the ship moving in real-time.

Viking Cruise Ship Tracker

Here you can check the current location of where the Viking cruise ships are located around the world. Feel free to use this real-time ship tracker to know where your Viking vessel is. You’ll be able to see if a specific cruise ship is docked in port, anchored and even live speed data in real time!

Can you track every cruise ship?

No, not every cruise ship can be tracked. Some cruise ships may not have an AIS system installed, and therefore cannot be tracked. Additionally, some countries may restrict the broadcast of AIS data for security or other reasons. For these reasons, it is essential to double-check the availability of AIS data before attempting to track a specific cruise ship.

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Why is my ship’s data not updating?

Our cruise tracker is limited and the land based stations might not be receiving updates due to the ship’s remote or current location. Authorities and the cruise line also use satellite based data, but this is very expensive and our map doesn’t have that capability at this time. Many ships in the Viking Fleet cruise in very remote locations where land based stations that update this map, are not located. So this is the reason you may see a lack of updates on some vessels and not others. 

United States Coast Guard Regulations

The United States Coast Guard requires all ships operating in US waters to have an AIS system installed. This means that all cruise ships visiting the United States must have an AIS system installed and active at all times. This requirement ensures that all vessels are visible and traceable while in US waters, allowing for improved safety and security.

Emergency Situations

In the event of an emergency, AIS ship tracking can be used to quickly locate and contact a vessel in distress. By using the system, search and rescue teams can quickly and accurately locate vessels in need of assistance. This can mean the difference between life and death in some cases.

View Vessel Photos

Vessel Photos are listed for most ships, in addition to providing real-time tracking data, the AIS system can also provide vessel photos. This allows you to quickly and easily identify any vessels in the vicinity of your chosen port. The photos can be used to check for damage or other irregularities before boarding a vessel.

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